Icon-Compositor 0.0

The Icon-Compositor package contains the icomp(1) command, which is used to compose icons from separate icon elements. For example, it is possible to layer an application icon over a generic document icon to construct a project specific document icon.

The icomp command is designed to work with make(1) so that theme changes are easily propagated. This means it can be scripted so it can part of a build system. This holds possibilities for “building” icons from common base elements. For example, all icons featuring a folder or the project logo are consistent. This has the effect that changes are only necessary in one place; software engineering techniques are available.

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File Description
icon-compositor-0.0.tar.gz The complete source code.
icon-compositor-0.0.ae The complete project sources as an Aegis change set.

The icomp command runs on almost any flavor of UNIX. The source distribution is self configuring using a GNU Autoconf generated configure script.


How To
There is a page full of “How to ...” instructions, for how to do some common tasks.

There is a catalogue of available image manipulations, complete with pictures.

The Doxygen documentation extracted from the source code is available for developers.

icomp is written and owned by Peter Miller <millerp@canb.auug.org.au> and is freely distributable under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL. icomp is developed using Aegis, a transaction based software configuration management system. The Aegis repository for this project is available. There is more Software by Peter Miller at his home page.

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